• The fight preparation of an MMA athlete involves both standing combat training based mainly on boxing and Muay Thai techniques and training in ground fighting that includes Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling and ground and pound techniques.
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The fast growing, glamorous and the most popular martial arts across western world is the ultimate sport combining all forms of martial arts. MMA athletes are most talented among all sports

  • Boxing teaches you how to throw a mean punch, but if the fight goes to the ground the boxer is done for.
  • Thai Kickboxing shows you how to kick the hell out of someone, but if the fight goes to the ground the Thai Kickboxer is done for.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches you how to subdue someone on the ground with an armbar or a choke, but it doesn’t teach stand-up fighting or punching.
  • JeetKune Do teaches you how to condition your body and mind but it doesn’t teach you how to break free of a headlock.
  • Wrestling will build immense strength but has too many rules to ever win a fight.

Put all the Martial Arts training styles together and you have: MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) combine all the styles of martial arts training into one package.


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