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  • Arabic Typing & Office Training

    • 50 Hours Training
    • aimed at finding office jobs using drafts of different documents . Irrespective of the variety of typing.
    • There has been mono method by which one can type rapidly employing all fingers respectively in the keyboard very professionally without looking at the keyboard.
  • Arabic-English Translation

    • Diploma in Arabic-English translation (120 hrs)
    • Those who are having average knowledge in English and Arabic can do this course.
    • There is greater scope for a talented translator in India and foreign country. It comprises different documents such as certificates & Bio Data, Advertisements & Notifications, Tenders & Quotations, Court Orders & Judgments etc..
    • n addition to this, we also focus on practical training in Brochures, essays, books, speeches, Audio-Video clips, films.
    • This is 4 months (120 hours) Diploma Course under the aegis of talented professional translators.
  • Easy Arabic

    • Which is the effective way to learn Arabic? Any interested person can attain the Arabic Language easily.
    • 10 days Program: This is a 10 steps Magic Formula that guarantees reading & writing ability
    • 10 days Learning Activities: This is of 10 simple activities by which one gets basic skills of the language.
    • This is undoubtedly different – an Easy Way Method.
    • This is of course a golden chance for Language proficiency seekers.
  • Secretarial Practice in Arabic

    • 4 months Diploma Course
    • ensures promising chances of Data Entry Operator, Typist, Translators, Secretary/Asst, Public Relation Officer (PRO) in the umpteen fields in the Middle East and in India such as Office, Typing centers, Tours & Travels Agencies, Airport, Metro Rail etc.
  • Spoken Arabic Training

    • 20 days practical Training
    • Specially designed for fluency of Talk in Arabic and English for professionals such as Doctors, Technicians, Teachers, Tourist Guides, Interpreters etc who are looking for greener pastures in the Gulf and for other aspirants who are in need of interacting with the Arabs.

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